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Vertical Platform Lifts By ThyssenKrupp  
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PL-RA Residential Porch Lift

If there's one place in the world that should be accessible to those in wheelchairs, it's their own home. Thanks to the Porch-Lift PL-RA, thousands of homeowners over the years have overcome those barriers.

Our team of engineers is the largest, most respected group in the industry and has worked closely with our customers over the years, so we know what our customers look for in a wheelchair lift. The PL-RA offers our residential customer:

PL-RA Residential

  • A stylish, compact design that blends in with - not overwhelms - your home's living environment
  • Maximized functionality and lift space no matter what size wheelchair is used * Powerful performance with a lift rating of 550 pounds!
  • Peace of mind with an amazing number of safety features you'd only expect to get in a wheelchair lift that costs thousands of dollars more
  • Customization options to meet your unique needs
  • A hard-working, low-maintenance accessibility tool that sets the standard for residential wheelchair lifts
  • And much, much more!

Your PL-RA can be a more cost-effective alternative to space-hogging ramps, and you'll never have to shovel snow and ice down a slippery slope.

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  PL-TG ToeGard Lift heading  

When you don't want (or can't afford to have) major construction issues in your building, try our freestanding PL-TG model of wheelchair lifts. We designed it with you in mind, the business owner that wants to provide wheelchair access to your building with minimal construction.

Because this model features a partial enclosure, it does not require a hoistway. The clean lines won't intrude on the architectural design of your building, and it provides greater visibility around the lift. The 53" high "toe-guard" feature works as a hoistway, protecting passengers as the wheelchair lift moves.

Discover why more facilities are turning to the PL-TG for their wheelchair lift needs!

The PL-TG is fully customizable, allowing you to choose from a wide selection of doors, gates, platform sizes, and configurations to create exactly the wheelchair lift you need for your building and its users.

We engineer all of our wheelchair lifts for their users' safety and comfort. Each PL-TG undergoes rigorous testing for quality assurance prior to shipping. They fully comply with ADA accessibility guidelines. They are the same standards we use for our entire Porch-Lift Series and that's why it's the preferred choice for architects, builders and business owners from coast to coast.

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