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Straight Rail Stair Lifts By ThyssenKrupp

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Citia Stair Lift AnimationThyssenKrupp Access introduces our newest stair lift: the Citia! The Citia is a fresh new way to approach stair lifts. The great thing about the Citia is its versatility. The Citia features interchangeable seats, making it simple to upgrade. Currently ThyssenKrupp Access offers 5 seats, from functional and modest through luxurious and full of features.

Every Citia features:

  • Simple to upgrade, interchangeable seats
  • A smooth and quiet chassis
  • Hard working, 1/2 horsepower motor
  • A rechargeable battery which provides dependable, uninterrupted service - even during a power failure
  • An easy-to-use hand-held control designed to work flawlessly, even for those with limited hand mobility

The Citia stair lift slides quickly and quietly along an attractive, non-intrusive track. The Citia is also battery-operated, so you'll still have use of your stair lift even during power outages. The battery is easily recharged right on the track.

The Citia stair lift is designed for safety, comfort and convenience. Its sensors will automatically detect something blocking its path and gently stops to prevent damage to the lift or the object. When the object is removed, the st airlift continues on to your destination

There are 5 seats you can put on your Citia. Which one fits your needs?


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Flow Curved Rail Stair Lift
Our newest curved stair lift, the Flow, is the talk of the town from coast to coast - and is making life better for people with mobility issues everywhere! And, as its name implies, this is one stair lift that seamlessly "flows" with your home's interior while giving you uninhibited access to all levels of your home!


Pick the Flow st airlift for use in your home and you'll be guaranteed to get:

  • A slim and compact st airlift that works on even the most complex staircases and folds up out of the way when not in use to leave the staircase free for other users
  • Our unique light-touch swivel release lever that effortlessly swivels the seat away from the staircase, allowing you to get off the stair lift onto the top landing with ease
  • Easy-to-use armrest controls that work even for those with critical hand mobility problems
  • A hard-working stair lift that can be customized to blend in with the décor of almost any home
  • Smooth and easy installation that has a minimum amount of upheaval and unnecessary expense for you
  • And much more!

But there are many more reasons our customers have made the Flow st airlift one of the most talked-about st airlifts in the industry!

  • Our team of stair lift engineers have designed the Flow st airlift to use our unique "swan neck" rail that stops near the bottom step to leave access to open corridors or doorways and dramatically reduce the risk of falls in the home.
  • If you'd like to see the 6 fabric colors for the seat and the selection of powder coatings for the rail and how they will look together in your home, click on this link.
  • You'll never be left stranded with the Flow st airlift because it runs on long-lasting and durable batteries that can charge itself to full power using a standard household current.
  • The Flow stair lift is designed for safety, comfort and convenience. Along with a seatbelt that increases safety, the Flow's sensors will automatically detect something blocking its path and stops to prevent damage to the stair lift or the object. When the object is removed, the stair lift continues on to your destination - no problem!
  • Your local dealer can install the FLOW stair lift in a matter of hours, giving you immediate access to your entire home.