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Lifts for Wheelchair and Scooter Users By:
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Mark 1

Fully Automatic Cassette Lift

The intention: reducing obstructions while increasing functionality. The implementation: A cassette style lift that allows clear exit and entry. The profile: thin, providing maximum ground clearance. The dual hydraulics give smooth operation, not to mention an easy-to-operate manual back up system in the event of vehicle power failure. Ultrasonic threshold warning systems alerts users when lift does not match vehicle floor level. The sights were set high. The outcome, even higher. Mark 1. The product of elevated thinking.

Colorize Your Mark 1

Mark 1 Colors

The aesthetically pleasing cosmetic fascia can be painted to match original OEM color. It also increases safety by helping secure the lift while in the stowed position.

Lifts for Wheelchair and Scooter Users By:


NEW! Model VSL-4000 Joey Interior Vehicle Lift

  • The Bruno Joey™ Vehicle Lift, Model VSL-4000, eliminates the struggle of lifting/storing your scooter, power chair or wheelchair into the rear of most minivans.
  • The Joey's robust design include a rack-and-pinion horizontal drive - coupled with Bruno's vertical-travel proven industry actuator design - for unsurpassed performance and reliability.
  • Industry-leading 350 lb./159 kg. lifting capacity combined with fastest complete cycle travel time loaded/unloaded – Best in Class
  • Robust electronics with built-in electrical wiring (NO Traveling CABLES) protected by an elegant automotive styled shroud – Industry Exclusive, Best in Class
  • Built-in battery features on-board automatic charging. Also, the Joey features programmable horizontal and vertical speed including adjustable soft-start/stop.

Curb-Sider® Classic Super XL Exterior Vehicle Lift

Model VSL-600E Curb-Sider® Classic Super XL Exterior Vehicle Lift

  • Bruno’s Curb-Sider Exterior Classic Super XL Vehicle Lifts (Models VSL-670E and 600E) are ideal for use in the rear of pickup trucks with or without a cap. You get the convenience you need to transport your power chair or scooter and the freedom to travel where you like!
  • Simply press a button and the lift will automatically raise and rotate your mobility device into the bed of your truck.
  • No structural modifications, to your vehicle, are required for installation. Plus, a Bruno custom base lets you mount the lift in the appropriate location giving you a neater, cleaner and stronger installation. * Features weatherproof finish and water-submersible, humus-sealed controller pendant
  • for added all-weather reliability.
  • Optional Pow'rPac power supply adds convenience for installation and operation
  • Maximum lifting capacity: 200 lb./91 kg.