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Carrier-Lift® By ThyssenKrupp
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Carrier® Lift With optional Folding Seat


With an amazing versatility you won't find in typical wheelchair lifts, our Carrier-Lift is the perfect choice for public buildings where space is limited.

Most schools, churches, or small office buildings simply can't support the amount of space needed for elevators or vertical platform lifts. The Carrier-Lift offers an affordable access solution.



But that's not the only reason thousands of facilities across the country use our Carrier-Lift inclined platform lift.

  • Each unit is designed and custom-built to exactly fit your staircase
  • The drive system ensures a smooth, quiet ride that's extra gentle on the user
  • You'll never be left stranded because of our optional battery operated system with "smart charge" batteries that continuously charge, ensuring the lift will operate, even in the event of a power outage
  • The Carrier-Lift packs the power of a 450-pound lifting capacity and pendant controller that enables an attendant to operate the liftOperating controls
  • Operating controls are conveniently located on the platform so passengers can direct the lift easily
  • It features a compact design that folds away when not in use. In fact, when folded, the unit protrudes less than 25" away from the wall, making it unobtrusive to your facility's users

And that's not all.
Other users who face mobility issues, but just don't happen to be in wheelchairs, can use the unit's optional comfortable, fold-down seat to gain access to upper or lower floors. Optional power fold-up arms rise at the landings to accommodate entrance and exit from the lift, and lower during transport to ensure the passenger's safety.

Optional remote controlsSafety is further enhanced because you have the option of adding audible alerts and indicator lights to signal the lift is moving.

Multiple platform sizes and configurations ensure a perfect fit. Distances of up to 55' can be covered on our efficient dual-rail system, no matter if you have straight or turning stairways.

We engineer all of our lifts for their users' safety and comfort. The Carrier-Lift wheelchair lift undergoes rigorous testing for quality assurance prior to shipping. They are the same standards we use for all of our lifts and elevators, and are the reason the we're the preferred brand for architects, builders and business owners from coast to coast.

Safety Features:
There are multiple safety features built into each lift. Highly sensitive sensors detect when an object is blocking the lift's path, helping prevent damage to the item or lift. Once the path is cleared, the lift continues to your destination.