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Home Elevators By ThyssenKrupp

Lev® Home Elevator

Lev® Home Elevator

Just one look at our Lev® home elevator and you'll know immediately why this is the hottest-selling elevator around and the crown jewel of our already impressive line of elevators.

With the ability to make five stops and travel 50 feet, the Lev home elevator provides safe and comfortable access to your entire home - from the basement to the attic - with a minimum of intrusion into your living space.


Why should you choose the Lev home elevator? Because ...

  • You'll have the most cutting-edge home elevator technology available anywhere at a cost that's very budget-friendly
  • The counterweighted chain drive system makes it one of our most energy-efficient models
  • It has more lifting power (950 pounds) than any other elevator in its class
  • No separate machine room required, so it takes up much less space in your home
  • The compact design, self-contained drive system and shallow pit (only 6") means you can install the Lev just about anywhere in your home
  • Automatic battery powered lowering during household power failure
  • It can dramatically increase the marketability of your home should you ever decide to move

The Lev provides you worry-free ownership
Our engineering staff puts our residential elevators through the most rigorous testing imaginable to ensure they meet the exacting standards you demand. And we've made all the safety features you'd expect in a more expensive elevator standard issue in the Lev. Each elevator contains an in-car phone, battery back-up system that allows for lowering and lighting of the car in the event of a power outage, emergency alarms, emergency stop switch, and much more! The doors have special interlocks that ensure they will open only when the elevator is present at your landing to help prevent accidents.

Personalize the Lev to make a perfect fit for your home
We'll help you customize the Lev in both form and function to blend in seamlessly with your home's décor - and your needs! There are literally hundreds of combinations we can configure for you and we'll help you every step of the way.


Windsor® home elevator.

Windsor® home elevator Image.













Windsor® home elevator

If there was ever a home elevator that married convenience and practicality together, it's the Windsor® home elevator.

Specifically designed to install into new or existing homes, the Windsor fits into a standard closet-sized space and packs a hefty 500-pound lifting capacity over 16 feet, or two floors, of your home.

But there's much more! The Windsor is the practical choice for many customers because ...

  • The self-contained drive system housed in the hoistway means there's no need for a separate machine room to take up more of your living space
  • The entire elevator car rests on the floor of your home, so an elevator pit is unnecessary - and that means there's no need to disturb your home's foundation
  • It uses standard interior doors, so the Windsor blends in seamlessly with your home's décor
  • Special interlocks in the doors won't allow them to be opened unless the elevator is at the same landing you are - preventing accidents for you and your loved ones
  • Fully automatic controls and tons of safety features you'd only expect to see in home elevators that cost much more!
  • Other safety features include an emergency stop button, in-cab alarm, and a telephone jack that accommodates a standard household phone. Windsor

Our expert team of engineers designed the Windsor to give our customers everything they need in a budget-friendly home elevator. Brushed stainless steel hall stations ensure your Windsor will be around for as long as you need it. The accordion gate not only provides more safety for you and your family, but folds completely out of the way to give you the widest possible entry path to the unit. And for the interior of your Windsor, you can choose from white laminated panels, which can be painted to coordinate with your existing décor, or the pleasing light oak laminate panels that adds a warm, comfortable feeling.

The Minivator® through-the-floor lift
The Minivator® through-the-floor lift

The Minivator® through-the-floor lift has been making life better for people who:

  • Have limited space in their homes for a home elevator
  • Don't want (or can't have) more complicated construction issues
  • Don't need the expense of a higher-end model of home elevator
  • Need a lightning-fast installation

A 100% self-contained unit, the Minivator doesn't need a pit, machine room, or hoistway to take up your valuable living space, and ensures the structural impact on your home is minimized.

Our simplest residential elevator, the Minivator car rides on two steel rails mounted to the wall and passes through an easily constructed opening between your two floors. But just because it's small, it's not wimpy - it easily carries a load of 450 pounds - and is wheelchair accessible.

Other features of the Minivator include:

  • Easy to operate controls inside the elevator
  • Key locks in the unit enhance safety and prevent unauthorized access
  • Safety features usually found in more expensive home elevators like an emergency stop button and telephone access
  • Ivory finished steel wall panels and Plexiglas windows that blends in with virtually any home décor that's easy to care for
  • Guaranteed customer service to ensure your Minivator ownership is trouble-free

And in case you're wondering about the pathway between the two floors, the Minivator allows you to safely walk on the floor cover when the elevator is at the lower level, and is attractively concealed no matter which floor it's on. The Minivator was designed to open up your valuable living space - and it truly delivers on that promise!

Our guarantee
The Minivator has a 2-year drive train and 1-year component parts limited warranty. Our nationwide network of dealers will not only help you determine if the Minivator is the right home elevator for your needs, but will also install and maintain your investment.

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